Master's Reserve®

Sparked by Those Who craft Exceptional Beverage Experiences

Our master glassmakers asked one profound question that has dramatically altered the glassware experience. What if America’s Glassmaker could create a premium glass as inspired and enduring as the artful creations imagined by beer, wine and spirit masters, like you?

Bringing forth American-made luxury glassware, Master’s Reserve® is designed to deliver on your need to combine exquisite presentation with superior performance.

We’ve expanded Master’s Reserve into four distinct collections – each one crafted with the same obsessive level of precision and innovation.

Luxe Collection

 Refined  |  Chic  |  Sheer

Patterns sparkle with refined designs that endure the test of time.

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Performa Collection

Smart  |  Attractive  |  Strong

High-performance beauty, engineered to perform in any venue.

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Contempo Collection

Trending  |  Upscale  |  Versatile

Premium, on-trend designs for upscale yet casual cocktail experiences.

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Renewal Collection

Renewing Brilliance

Glass can be functional, beautiful – and in the hands of an artist, it can transform into a masterpiece.

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Inspired Engineering: Our American Dream

200 Years as America’s Glassmaker

Since 1818, Libbey® has been America’s Glassmaker and remains the leading brand name in glass tableware.

In 1874, Edward Drummond Libbey joined his father, William, at the New England Glass company, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We eventually changed our name and our home, moving in 1888 to Toledo, Ohio, which was destined to become the “Glass City.”

From that time on, Libbey has set new standards in glass craftsmanship, manufacturing and reputation. Master’s Reserve® represents the pinnacle of this commitment. Forged with precision in our state-of-the-art Shreveport, Louisiana, facility, this collection continually pushes the boundaries of what glassware can be.