Libbey® Foodservice is proud to introduce Infinium™ premium plastic drinkware. Made of 100% BPA-free Tritan™ copolyester, Infinium mimics the clarity of glass and is virtually unbreakable. Infinium provides the kind of replacement-reducing, stress-relieving performance other plastics simply cannot match: Tough– highly resistant to impacts, cracking, crazing and shattering Dishwasher durable– maintains a “like new” appearance even after hundreds of cycles Industry-leading resistance– resists virtually all stains, odors and tainting of beverage flavors Temperature resilience– able to withstand extreme temperatures, up to boiling or freezing points (212°F/100°C to 32°F/0°C) Innovative design– space-saving tumblers stack without sticking and inhibit water pooling on the bottom