IMPORTANT NOTICE: Spiegelau Packaging and Pack Size Revision

Most items move to 12 pieces per carton

Spiegelau is in the process of a global rollout of new packaging, and pack sizes are being revised to 12 pieces per carton (excluding certain items, such as decanters). All Nachtmann items will remain in their current packaging format.

Libbey® Foodservice will begin implementing this change now, and anticipate completion by January 31, 2016. To facilitate this transition,

• All items currently in Libbey’s inventory as 6-pack cartons will be shrink-wrapped into 12-pack units with an outside label showing the new item number and SCC number. When the shrink-wrapped quantities have been depleted, we will begin shipping in the new 12-pack cartons with the same new item and SCC numbers.

• Items currently in Libbey’s inventory in 16-pack cartons will be repacked directly into the new 12-pack cartons and will ship with the new item and SCC numbers.

When placing an order between now and January 31, you will be proactively contacted by a Libbey sales team member or customer service representative if any items ordered have been transitioned to the new item number and pack size. They will work with you to update and process the order in a timely fashion.

Download our complete and at-a-glance product guides that contain all the products transitioning to new pack sizes along with the item numbers, SCC numbers and pack/weight/cube measurements for both before and after the transition.

As an additional resource to you during this transition, all products on our website will be updated within 24 hours after the transition of an item with the current information for that item.

We appreciate your patience while we facilitate implementing Spiegelau’s packaging transition to 12 pieces per carton, and believe the efficiency created will simplify ordering and inventory management. As always, our sales and customer service teams are available to answer any questions you have and will work with you throughout this transition.

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